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Driving Construction Success Together


At Pierson & Sons Trucking, we're not just a growing, family-owned company but a steadfast force committed to delivering world-class service while treating our customers like cherished family members. Regardless of our size, our unwavering dedication remains the same. When you choose Pierson & Sons Trucking, expect nothing less than exceptional service, rapid response times, and a relentless commitment to surpassing your expectations.

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Dump truck working on a heavy excavating site

Experience Reliable Transportation for Your Excavation Projects

Heavy Excavating

At Pierson & Sons Trucking, we specialize in the hauling and transporting of heavy excavated materials. Our expert team ensures efficient and dependable delivery, streamlining your excavation projects. Count on us to handle the logistics so you can focus on the core aspects of your job.

Broken materials at a construction site

Safe and Reliable Transport of Your Broken Concrete Needs

Broken Concrete

Regarding the transportation of broken concrete, our skilled team is fully equipped to provide reliable and secure delivery to your desired locations. Rest easy knowing that your broken concrete will be transported with the utmost care and delivered promptly, ensuring smooth project progress.

Broken asphalt at a construction site

Timely Delivery for Your Paving and Road Construction Projects

Broken Asphalt

For broken asphalt transportation, look no further. Our proficiency in handling broken asphalt allows us to excel in providing prompt and efficient delivery to support your paving and road construction ventures. Rely on our experienced team to ensure the timely arrival of materials to keep your projects on track. 

Aggregate stones at a construction site

Streamlined Flow of Construction Materials

Aggregate & Tonnage Hauling

With our robust capacity for transporting various aggregates and handling tonnage hauling, we facilitate the seamless flow of materials for your construction needs. Count on Pierson & Sons Trucking to provide efficient transportation services that keep your project moving forward smoothly.

A truck putting paving materials into a dump truck at a construction site

Timely Delivery of Materials for Your Paving Projects


Our trucking services extend to supporting paving projects, ensuring timely materials delivery to designated sites. Let us handle the logistics, allowing you to focus on achieving impeccable paving results. Trust us to deliver the materials you need precisely when and where you need them. 

Demolition at a construction site

Reliable Transportation Services for Your Demolition Projects


When it comes to demolition projects, we offer dependable transportation services to assist in removing and disposing of debris and materials. Count on our team to handle the logistics, ensuring your demolition process is efficient and hassle-free. Choose Pierson & Sons Trucking for reliable transportation solutions that support your demolition ventures.


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Minneapolis, MN 55429




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